RiboPrinter® System

Patented Process. Automated Performance.

Only the RiboPrinter® System from Hygiena™ combines automation with the power of DNA to easily and accurately provide microbial identification & characterization of contaminants , as well as track their source at the strain level–helping you gain control of any microbial environment.


Key Benefits



Fast Total Time
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With the powerful RiboPrinter® System:

  • Patterns can be used to identify genus and species.
  • Loading and operating the characterization unit are easy and intuitive.
  • Automated RiboPrinter® System simplifies operator training and minimizes errors due to technique.
  • Workstation software is user-friendly, providing sophisticated data analysis that eliminates the need for subjective interpretation of results.
Man in manufacturer plant

Gain control of your environment.

RiboPrint™ patterns characterize environmental isolates, pathogens, spoilage organisms, control strains, beneficial organisms or any bacteria that are important to quality control professionals in pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and industrial microbiology. Beyond reliable taxonomic identification, the RiboPrinter® System distinguishes individual strains, providing the granularity of information needed to track, trend, and control your environment.

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Identify, characterize, and trace.

To control unwanted bacteria, you need to know what the organism is and how it entered your process or population. Now you can get the answers to these important questions automatically and simulatenously.

    Highly conserved region
of genera variation


Region of strain variation


More than 16S sequencing.

Rather than just analyzing the region that encodes the 16s rRNA sequence, the RiboPrinter® System investigates the regions encoding the 5S, 16S, and 23S sequences, as well as the spacer regions and flanking genes on either side. This rich depth of information is what allows for highly precise differentiation among strains of the same species, even those with the same 16S sequence.

Fragments from each sample form a banding pattern according to size.

Banding patterns & marker lanes captured in a digitized gel image.

Final report displays the RiboPrint™ pattern and associated
data for each sample.

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How to Use

Each BAX® System PCR assay kit includes lysis buffer, protease, and PCR tubes containing BAX® System PCR tablets. These convenient tablets contain all the reagents needed for fast and reliable testing results. Simply hydrate with the prepared sample and load the rack into the BAX® System instrument for automated analysis.

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