BAX® System Q7

Powerful and Precise Molecular Pathogen Detection

The original creators of PCR technology provide two decades of reliable food safety testing with the largest breadth of validated matrices. BAX continues to evolve to support food safety needs through simplified testing methods, specific and sensitive assays, and real-time PCR quantification.


Why Hygiena BAX® Q7 System?

  • Accurate results mean fewer re-tests, shorter storage time for products on hold, and less waste of truly safe food.
  • AOAC and AFNOR validation across numerous matrices mean proven solutions to support your testing needs
  • World class application and research scientist supporting your food safety challenges
  • Pioneering Real-Time PCR Quantification, leading with BAX System SalQuant

Hygiena BAX® Q7 Test Kits

The widest array of PCR Assays


Salmonella PCR Test Kit


Campylobacter PCR Test Kit

Listeria Genus

Listeria Genus PCR Test Kit

L. monocytogenes

Listeria Monocytogenes PCR Test Kit

E. coli O157:H7

E. coli O157:H7 PCR Test Kit




Shigella PCR Test Kit


Vibrio PCR Test Kit

Staph. aureus

Staphylococcus aureus PCR Test Kit


Cronobacter PCR Test Kit

Yeast & Mold

Yeast and Mold PCR Test Kit

Proven Pioneer in Food Safety

Hygiena BAX® has 20 years of reliable food safety testing experience and the largest breadth of validated matrices.


Maximize 96-wells Throughput

Internal Control Validates Negative Results

Continuous Detection for Real-time Results

Identify Multiple Targets in Single Sample

LIMS Compatible

Accuracy. Reliability. Ease-of-Use.

In the food & beverage industry, accurate results mean fewer re-tests, shorter storage time for products on hold, and less waste of truly safe food. BAX® System features, such as intuitive layout & software interface and internal positive control tablet, reduce potential errors to help ensure tests are run properly.

BAX® System results are often available within 24 hours after sample incubation starts, instead of days or weeks later after colonies have grown.

BAX® System PCR Tablets

These convenient BAX® System PCR tablets contain all the reagents needed for fast and reliable testing results. Simply hydrate with the prepared sample and load the rack into the BAX® System instrument for automated analysis.

BAX® System Quantification

Hygiena is pioneering diagnostics with the ability to quantify Salmonella using BAX Q7 and our BAX System Real-Time Salmonella Assay.

How BAX PCR Works

The BAX® instruments feature two types of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) detection technologies – real-time and end-point, tableted reagents, and optimized media to detect unwanted bacteria in raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples. Watch the video to learn how it works.

Proven Performance

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How to Use

Download these easy-to-use ready reference guides and keep them near by as a cheatsheet. Many customer will print and laminate them for protection.

Ready Reference Guide for Real-Time PCR Assays

Ready Reference Guide for Standard PCR Assays

Ready Reference Guide for 24E PCR Assays

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